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About Photography Club!

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About Photography Club!

Post  Reidmill on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:49 pm

Welcome to Photo Club! Photo Club is club held for students by students at Cypress Bay High School. Not only is the club held at Cypress Bay; it's open for any one to join right from their computer! We are a group that's interested in learning and sharing photography techniques, knowledge and friendship among all of our members. We hold weekly meetings and throw various photography events which guide us to create opportunities to extend our formal and informal portfolios, have themed photography competitions every month to learn more about different topics of photography.

Our club offers:

  • Educational activities designed to benefit both the beginning and advanced photographers.

  • A chance to share your work through monthly competitions, lessons and events.

  • Friendships based on a common interest in photography.

  • An opportunity to display your work in the Club's Web page.

Our club is a strong supporter of keeping art classes in our schools curriculum. We strive to stress the importance of art in our schools.

Club Director: Elizabeth Jenkins

President: Caitlyn Tate

Vice President:
Conrad Kane

Kim Morales

Reid Millman

Noel Ruiz

Public Relations:
Alejandro Aguayo


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